One important way to help manage ammonia levels is by tracking food, exercise and symptoms. Digital apps are available to help you track this information, or you can record items in a notebook. Choose the method that is easiest for you to use every day.

To help you start, this downloadable sheet will give you a convenient way to track protein, fluids, calories, UCD symptoms, and more. You can also sign up to get a free  UCD Tracker, plus the latest UCD news, low-protein recipes, and more.

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Tips for tracking success:

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Record what you or your child eats throughout the day, including the calories, protein and fluids consumed as well as the time of day that you ate.

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Write down the type of activity you or your child did, as well as the amount of time spent doing the activity and the number of calories burned.

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Specify by name any medicines, supplements or vitamins you or your child took, including the dose and time they were taken.

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List any UCD symptoms you or your child experience such as tiredness,  nausea, vomiting, irritability, lack of appetite and/or headaches.

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