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If you’re a parent or caretaker of a child with a urea cycle disorder (UCD), having the latest information can help make treating their UCD easier for everyone, especially when it comes to areas like school. Maybe math is a struggle, reading levels aren’t quite where they should be, or socializing is hard. But here you’ll find resources that can help.

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MEDIKIDZ explains UCDs to children

Discover a free comic series that helps children understand urea cycle disorders in a fun and adventure-packed way. Every Medikidz comic is written and reviewed by doctors and other leading medical and health-related professionals. Get your free copy.

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What Is a UCD? Coloring Book

This coloring book is a great way to help your child understand urea cycle disorders. It breaks down UCDs into simple, easy to understand terms for your child. This fun activity covers diet, physical activity, medicine, and more. It’s great to be completed alone, with a parent, teacher, or even friends!

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